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User Story and Use Case - Thinking and Discussing

While working with an agile team you surely will meet the definitions like Use Cases or User Stories. Let’s define what it’s all about and what is the difference between these two instrum


Static websites vs dynamic websites

Before going into details in regards with each website type, let’s determine what a website itself is. A website is a number of web pages (or one page) that contain different multimedia c


Domain, DNS and IP address

Have you ever thought about what is going on when you are visiting some websites on the Internet? Millions of people do it every day and it looks so simple. Actually, a few clicks on your


What is a web application and how does it work

In today’s world, the usage of web applications is growing day by day. The most common web applications include email programs, online forms, shopping carts, video and photo editing, inst


What is MVP

A Minimum Viable Product, or MVP, is a product with sufficient characteristics to draw early-adopter customers and confirm a product idea early in the product development cycle (no matter


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