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Growing digitalization has completely changed the face of many industries we know. Implementing big data, software solutions, and artificial intelligence is bringing new opportunities to the sphere of learning. Nowadays eLearning plays a crucial role in education and staff training. One does not have to spend time in classrooms alongside a dozen other students. With new approaches, you can choose what and how to study from any place around the world.

Webspaceteam is a team of passionate professionals ready to provide eLearning software development services that will start a new chapter in your company’s history.


Expense cut and high scalability

Replacing face-to-face training with digital one can save 50 to 70 percent of all the costs for a big company. An organization has to invest money in making the course just one and it can be used with little to no rework for many years. A well-designed application can adjust itself to the needs of a certain student, which opens space for scaling.

Universal access

Even if a company does not possess enough computers, with electronic learning it is not an issue. You can undertake training from any device sitting in the favorite coffee shop or staying at home. With Webspaceteam you will get eLearning software development that caters to anyone.

Adapting to the needs

With eLearning, you can easily learn new business strategies and approaches in education. The same goes for training control. With traditional methods, you need to spend time and effort trying to keep an eye on every aspect of course. Special software will provide a spectrum of fast and comprehensive analytics data.

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Custom LMS

We design a custom toolkit for the learning system, which will make a difference for the students and have a long-lasting impact on their educational and professional success. Our developers will craft easy-to-master and effective tools for creating enterprise-grade learning resources. You will be able to fully control the enrollment, progress, and evaluation process of the students.


Boost your business with a full-scale and functional web platform. Our eLearning software development company is providing efficient instruments, allowing you to optimize schedules, monitor attendance easily, control assessments and grade the learners. You will be able to build a creative ecosystem for communication, knowledge exchange, and performance tracking between teachers and students.

School management programs

Digitalize the process of managing and administrating schools, training centers, workshops, etc. You will be able to optimize the documentation flow, lower operational expenses, increase the efficiency of your team, and track all the operations inside the company in real-time. We create a set of tools according to the specific needs of your institution. Our solutions include payroll management, accounting tools, inventory and books tracking, transportation monitoring.

Custom solutions

We are ready to implement innovative technological solutions into your product. Bring your product to another level with AI-powered text and speech recognition modules, smart typing tools, proofreading, etc. We conduct a thorough analysis of the needs of your students and find ways to increase their focus, promote effective and independent training, and draw a clear path to their learning success.



With our eLearning software development company, you will receive the product, which will facilitate and automate the educational process, making knowledge delivery more efficient.

Educational institutions.

Having been on the market for 7+ years, our team knows exactly how to adjust the software to the needs of your particular students. With our solutions, you will be able to create a unique education flow, personalizing materials and giving fruitful insights resulting in happy and productive users.


We offer a spectrum of professional tools and implementations to professional edtech companies. Empowering your system with AI analytics, teleconferencing, language recognition technologies, and augmented reality features will result in an enhanced experience for students and market success for the product.

Organizations and nonprofits.

Developing an education platform from scratch may be a complicated task but very often, it is the only way to meet unique corporate needs. Our business analytics collects profound data and conducts a series of meetings with the stakeholders to get a full vision of your niche specifics.

Webspaceteam is a team of passionate and talented professionals with an eye for details. We believe that a good program has to solve certain business tasks. This is why we make sure that our clients get not only the technologically brilliant product but also the one, which complies with international standards in the field of education and finance, such as CIPA, GLBA, and FERPA.

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Alex Rabens | MickeyAlex Rabens | Mickey

Alex Rabens

Founder & CEO, Mickey

The marketplace worked exactly as intended. Webspace distinguished themselves with their structured project management style and seamless integration with the internal team. They quickly learned new technical tools to deliver great results.

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Special Features

In Webspaceteam, we know that technologies are evolving with supersonic speed. This is why it is not only important to build a robust product but also to enrich it with cutting-edge features.



The tools that will let your students stay focused longer and not forget to get back to learning.



Education and training are all about successful communication. With IP-telephony, chats, VR, and telecommunication features, you will promote human interactions and enrich the learning process.

VR and augmented reality.

VR and augmented reality.

These technologies are about to completely change the nature of digital training. With a VR feature set, you can immerse the students into real experience, get new approaches, and visualize the material.

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