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After many years of working with traditional programming, switching to newer development tools can be difficult or seem unnecessary. Some companies prefer to stick to proven methods. But in Webspaceteam we know that change is inevitable if you want to succeed in the growingly aggressive market of today. And Go is one of the programming instruments any company, which wishes to stay on top of their niche, needs to pay attention to.

Alongside the growth of the Internet connection speed, enterprises have to provide their clients with more technological, fast, and responsive applications. Now, when mobile gadgets are competing in the field of multi-core processors, Go has got in the limelight for anyone who is looking for a fast, high-performant, yet not too demanding product.

Discover how your particular case can benefit from this technology right now with our Go development company.

What is Go?

First published in 2009, Go has been successfully utilized for facilitating software development processes, especially for complex structures. This language guarantees high efficiency of the code, which allows businesses to get fast and high-performance web applications and soft. The platform remains relatively young, but companies that value clear, lean, and effective code, have already appreciated its benefits. The list of the companies that are currently using Go-based solutions starts with Facebook, BBC, Apple, and other world-known corporations.

Learn how your particular project can benefit from a
Go-based approach

Golang offers several benefits based on its nature. In our Golang web development company, we conduct in-depth research of your business strategy and niche to identify how your particular project can benefit from using this platform.

It is fast

It is fast

Golang is a compiled language, which means that the written code is directly translated into commands for the processor. On the contrary, if we would use Java-based solutions, the code is compiled into the commands for the “virtual machine”, which then executes the program.

You can think of it as a more finely tuned organized business structure with reduced middle-management stuff. In practice, it means that you are going to get an application, which works faster and does not require too much of the core’s resources.

It reduces development effort

It reduces development effort

This language is ideal for complex projects. It was designed as a programming tool with clear and concise syntax, so developers do not need much time to master it. Clear and efficient code helps us to minimize QA effort, which means that you will get the MVP as soon as possible.

It is easy-to-scale

It is easy-to-scale

One of the distinctive features of this programming tool is that it operates with parallel processes. Unlike other languages, Go allows building simultaneous multithreading processes keeping the resource usage at a very low level. Due to this factor, Go-based applications that are ready to work under pressure are distinguished by great scalability.

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Our Go development company is ready to bring its expertise to translate your concept into a scalable and efficient web application. We take pride in designing a product that will perfectly match the needs of the business.


We focus on making powerful and easy-to-scale applications with clear and responsive UI solutions. Due to its features, like encapsulation and concurrent processes, Golang is becoming one of the most popular tools for crafting technological apps for various industries.


In case the resources of your in-house team are not sufficient, Webspaceteam is always ready to provide full-scale support and maintenance. We will make sure your business can operate smoothly and you can concentrate on bringing excellent services to your customers.


The cross-platform approach has gained popularity because it helps to minimize the development effort and bring the product to the market as soon as possible. Our developers will make sure the product works perfectly on all the platforms.


This programming platform provides universal instruments for cloud-based projects. It allows easy integrations with cloud services, without having to rewrite the code for each one of them. Due to its capabilities and toolset, Go is a great tool for cloud-based development.


We value your trust and support. That is why our engineering team does not think in terms of so-called “market standards”. Even if your concept seems impossible, we make sure to find technical solutions to bring it to life.

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Alex Rabens

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The marketplace worked exactly as intended. Webspace distinguished themselves with their structured project management style and seamless integration with the internal team. They quickly learned new technical tools to deliver great results.

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