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PHP is one of the most favored programming languages on the market supported by a huge community constantly enriching its potential. This open-source environment remains prominent even today due to its function set and universal capabilities. Although it started as a scripting language for servers, today it has become a powerful backend instrument for numerous types of tasks. PHP-based frameworks, e.g. Symfony or Laravel, widen their sphere of usage even more.

The central benefits of PHP for enterprises are a high level of cost-efficiency, scalability, and compatibility. Combined with other technologies, this language can bring to life almost any IT project, from a basic Internet site to enterprise-grade CRM systems and international online commerce ventures.

Meantime although this language is universal and widespread it requires a high level of proficiency and expertise. Webspaceteam is a PHP development company with 7+ years of experience in the market alongside hundreds of successful projects for various industries. Our team of passionate and highly trained professionals will bring to life even the bravest ideas.

Why you should choose PHP for the product?

PHP-centered programming can be beneficial for almost any company, from Internet pages to huge marketplaces and from newly born startups to established market players.
A popular open-source language

A popular open-source language

Custom PHP development provides a high level of cost-efficiency. Thanks to a huge dev community, this platform has many ready-to-use solutions, which can substantially speed up and simplify writing the code. You will not have to reinvent the wheel, save time and resources and concentrate on what is essential for the business.

High flexibility and compatibility

High flexibility and compatibility

One of the key features of this language is flexibility. It is a universal tool, which allows it to work with any operating system, server system, or database. Developers often choose it for hybrid projects – it lets businesses use their current IT infrastructure with minimized expenses.

Easy to update and support

Easy to update and support

PHP provides the code, which is easy to read, renovate, and modify. PHP-based products are easy to adapt to fresh online services and business requirements. Thanks to its popularity, almost any in-house team can successfully maintain a product based on PHP.

Tailored for the web

Tailored for the web

It was crafted for constructing dynamic web pages in the first place, so it is more suited for such missions than any other platform. With our PHP web development company, you will enjoy the full range of its tool set.

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Being one of the most widely practiced coding tools PHP is used by such corporations as Slack, Wikipedia, and Pinterest. Our company is ready to bring to life a wide spectrum of concepts for various industries.

Custom Websites

Being primarily tailored for creating web pages, PHP is great-suited for constructing sites with intuitive and adaptive design. The significant part of the functionality of this language and its frameworks is shaped for web programming. It grants seamless integration with HTML, easy compatibility with most databases, a high level of security, and great UI instruments.

  • Dynamic design. Each page has a high level of customization and supports UI interactivity
  • Communities. With such instruments as PHP BB, vBulletin, and Pun BB, our engineers can easily build the functionality for attracting and interactive online communities.
  • Image management. Websites built on PHP can be as bright and colorful as you want, due to their enhanced image management capabilities.

Management Software

This language allows construction professional management software, due to its high level of functionality, wide integration options, and numerous payment capabilities.

  • CMS. You can personalize off-the-shelf content management software, like Joomla or Drupal, or build CMS shaped for the needs of your business from scratch.
  • CRM. The platform provides numerous ready-to-use plug-ins, templates, and components, which can integrate any functionality necessary, such as inventory management, exchange operations, online paygates, etc.
  • ERP. Implementing a professionally made ERP system may result in achieving substantial business growth. We empower such systems with enhanced customized functionality, tailored to the needs of the business and the niche.


Online commerce is one of the main industries, for which PHP offers many easy ways to build awesome and engaging products. Such projects as Zen Cart, Magento, or Ubercart were created using this particular language. By applying frameworks, our PHP programming company can ensure the level of functionality and flexibility, which is optimal for your particular goals.


Engineers in Webspaceteam apply frameworks such as Laravel for coding backend for mobile applications. PHP-centered mobile solutions allow programmers to personalize UX and create robust software, which will be capable of solving complex tasks and ready to operate with extensive databases. Our PHP development agency concentrates on creating an engaging experience and delivering awesome functionality to your customers.

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Alex Rabens

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The marketplace worked exactly as intended. Webspace distinguished themselves with their structured project management style and seamless integration with the internal team. They quickly learned new technical tools to deliver great results.

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