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Outlining and building IT systems with UI design services from Webspaceteam

UI is a visualization of the prototype, based on the using scenarios and audience research. This complex process includes creating all the elements of the exterior part of the product, for example, creating buttons, icons, and sign-up forms. It also involves choosing the right color palette, fonts, images, and other components, which will result in a ready-to-use layout. UI professionals concentrate on providing the correct positioning of all the elements of your website or application. It is vital for optimal interaction of the product with customers, good design guarantees that a visitor will have no problems tapping the button, utilizing a drop-down menu, reading text on mobile gadgets, and filling in various forms.

When providing interface design services, we believe in combining great aesthetics, functionality, and simplicity in one project. Our team of professionals crafts bright and remarkable concepts, which will become great leverage for your brand.

Due to having 7+ years of experience on the market, we can outline all the processes of producing an interface for any industry or enterprise, from smaller companies and startups to big, well-established enterprises. Our complex approach allows us to speed up the process of development, test new functionality, and decrease the time to market your product.

How do UI design services solve problems for companies?

Streamline user paths

The high-quality UI is what makes an application or a website not only look great but also be enjoyable to work with. Your clients will appreciate how much more trouble-free and more efficient it is to utilize an interface where every detail is in its place.

Boosts up sales online

A good interface answers the needs of both the customers and the business. Before starting the project, we conduct profound research on your target audience to learn how they make a purchase, how they interact with functionality, and how they decide what and where to buy.

Facilitates routine tasks

Very often business owners pay more attention to the functionality of their product and neglecting the way the functions are presented to users. Without a clear and comprehensive design, you risk losing clients, because they are not ready to spend time figuring out how the product works.

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Our approach

Diving into the specifics of your business

When delivering interface design services, our first step is carrying out a series of interviews with the clients. We investigate your company and brand, trying to understand business logic and find out the problems you currently face.

Analyze the audience and its demands

We believe that this is the most important step of analytics and projecting UX/UI because it is vital for the final product. We research your clients and their needs to understand who is going to use the product and how. We focus on interaction context, environment, and possible technical and business limitations.

Outlining design for key screens and processes

First, we create draft interfaces for the main scenarios and layout the end-to-end user path. The essential component of our interface design services is testing as we compare every intermediate result with your expectations, eliminating undesirable elements and adding components you want.

Scale design solutions on secondary processes

After working out 2-3 main scenarios, it becomes clear how to build the rest. At this stage, we think through additional and parallel processes, for example ordering delivery after the purchase in an online store, making payment in installments, or making additional sales. We make sure to consider your commercial strategy to maximize the conversion at this point.

Launch and maintain

After finishing the project, we keep an eye on it, making sure that your in-house team experiences zero problems updating the design and introducing new elements.

Opt for exceptional UI design services from Webspaceteam

Mobile apps

Mobile apps

Applications for ecommerce, entertainment, or communication demand a transparent and comprehensive interface. The competition on the market is currently very high so you cannot neglect any opportunity to make the product more appealing to prospective visitors.

Web resources

Web resources

Web platforms like ecommerce sites, news portals, Internet services, and analytics platforms all require interfaces, which will combine great visual elements with powerful UX. Web products often have extensive functionality and offer a wide range of tools to their visitors, which makes streamlining user paths a very challenging task.

VR interfaces

VR interfaces

VR is an increasingly popular trend in many industries. Although it started as a predominantly entertainment trend, now it has become a potent solution for numerous businesses in healthcare, telemedicine, fleet management, etc. With Webspaceteam, you can bring to life even your bravest design ideas.

SaaS products

SaaS products

SaaS is becoming one of the main software distribution models on the market. But at the same time, it sets special requirements for application design. You will need to implement best practices in development to create a powerful, responsive design for such types of programs.

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Alex Rabens

Founder & CEO, Mickey

The marketplace worked exactly as intended. Webspace distinguished themselves with their structured project management style and seamless integration with the internal team. They quickly learned new technical tools to deliver great results.

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