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Personnel spending is a major line of expenses for every company. For startups and SMBs, it becomes crucial to optimizing their spending and the money flow to achieve maximum efficiency. Pen and paper approach that works absolutely fine while you have five to ten employees becomes outdated once you go to a real market. Yet while the accounting sphere is almost completely automated, human resources management is still executed largely without proper SaaS HR software.

HR system brings the power of computing into your company’s routine making interactions with personnel, managers, and departments faster, easier, and much more efficient. As a result, your HR team can redeploy their resources to cover your business's complex needs, like designing better staff training or introducing deeper motivation instruments.

Digitalizing Human Resources

HR software is strongly associated with big long-established enterprises with many offices and hundreds of employees. But now even smaller businesses or even newly born startups can benefit from implementing professional systems. Modern technologies give affordable and competitive access to cutting-edge solutions.

Effective HR management includes dozens of processes and workflows and keeping control over them manually is not an easy task. HR services allow to automate routine, get profound analytics, create a collaborative atmosphere in the organization, and successfully manage a complex team consisting of diverse personalities.

Why SaaS HR solution?

Choosing between on-premises and SaaS HR software can be tough. Off-the-shelf programs may seem like a more traditional and reliable option. But in the fast-growing and increasingly aggressive market of today, SaaS becomes more and more attractive, especially for SMBs and startups.

At the same time, many vendor companies find the SaaS model extremely attractive as well due to high scalability, low maintenance costs, and flexible monetization alternatives. Thus, the SaaS approach in programming offers a mix of benefits both to the service providers and to their users.

Adaptable value

Unlike on-premises software, SaaS HR solutions offer much more adaptable pricing policies for the users. Instead of paying the whole price, a client can spend money on a subscription, choosing between several options. If there is no need for complete functionality, lots of services offer their basic tool-sets for free. Such a model is not only convenient for the buyers but the providers as well since it offers a high level of agility in defining the pricing policy. This model makes adopting new clients easier and faster, which in turn benefits for faster growth.

Decreased maintenance costs

In contrast to traditional software, which needs installation and regular polishing, SaaS HR software is affordable even for small companies with no computer technician on board. Support and updates are centralized and are confined to the provider server, which means that a client will always use the latest version without any obstacles. For providers, it leads to minimizing expenses on support and keeping. Basically, instead of taking care of thousands of copies of the program, you will need to make sure that only one copy is working as it should.

Location-free use

Thanks to using cloud technologies, SaaS HR solutions provide the latest tools for managing a company’s staff no matter where you are. It opens several opportunities for remote working and employees’ self-service. Of course, to get access to the cloud one needs a reliable connection to the web, but in the world of today, it can hardly be a problem.

Data safety

In Webspaceteam, we know that the question of security occupies a special position among other development matters. Fortunately, with SaaS HR software both providers and customers can be sure that their data is protected by the latest technological methods. Instead of dealing with protecting the company’s information using your in-house team, you can rely on the vendor, which will store and asses all the data centrally on one server.

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Gives you a new perspective on how the company’s resources are used leading to a better estimation of your proficiency.



To make the document flow inside the enterprise clear and comprehensible. Such modules also facilitate issues concerning storage and transferring docs between the departments.



A good LMS platform gives the opportunity to automate training processes and to keep an eye on the worker’s success. It alleviates training both for the organization and for the employees.



Facilitates onboarding, incorporating newcomers into the business, and leads to a better understanding of the global strategy by every member of the team.


What does a SaaS HR system consist of? In Webspaceteam, we use our expertise to construct the optimal functional set resulting in a flexible and robust product.


Being able to effectively manage personnel databases, systemize the workers’ profiles, control payrolls and benefits is a keystone to great HR management. With administrative software, an executive is able to monitor the full life cycle of a worker.


These instruments allow creating a collaborative corporate culture in the enterprise, stimulating the staff to meet productivity standards or develop their skills.


A great team stands for a great product and finding employees, integrating them into a business structure, and then tracking down their growth is the essence of HR. With our SaaS HR solutions, you will obtain reliable recruitment instruments.

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Why Webspaceteam?

We understand that the implementation of professional software into the company’s routine can be a tough task. This is not a decision that comes easily. But in the aggressive and compatible atmosphere of today’s market, this decision has to be made.

In Webspaceteam, we will use our expertise to make the adoption of new software your strength and advantage.

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