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Digital programs for the travel sphere exist for one reason – to make life easier for all of us. They are beneficial for potential guests and clients of hotels and restaurants. Whereas the owners of the business have the opportunity to provide extra benefits and highlight the status of their organizations.

Besides, with hospitality software development services from Webspaceteam, the users can access additional services just using their smartphones. They can book their favorite suit, order beverages, get the necessary information, and so on. A well-built application will help businesses to inform important guests about promotions and special offers or provide them with VIP services.

The competition in travel website development services is very high. This is why in Webspaceteam we start every project with scrupulous analysis. Our specialists analyze the region, your competitors, and current applications existing on the market. We concentrate on identifying your particular business strategy, niche, and requirements. Only after that, we get to programming an outstanding product for our partners.

Business expertise is our top priority. Such an approach allows us to design applications, which can have a real impact and turn out to be beneficial for hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality companies.




As a travel software development company, we try to establish direct interactions between businesses and their customers – current, former, and prospective. A mobile application is a perfect tool to keep in touch with your guests, for example, to tell them about special offers, fascinating city tours, or an evening show program. Another significant feature is the opportunity to track and process guests’ reviews in real-time.



Apart from establishing communication with clients, HoReCa digital products allow businesses to interact with partners, for example, travel agencies, tourist guides, or transport companies. Such programs decrease the workload for the reception employees while their multilingual functionality will make your venue more attractive to foreign visitors.



As a travel website development company, we endow the guests with the opportunity to receive the service without making personal interactions. For example, a visitor has moved into a hotel apartment and discovered that the air conditioner is broken. With a well-designed hotel application, the problem can be solved in just a couple of taps. The same goes with ordering food, restaurant booking, or planning trips. We understand that sometimes people just do not want to communicate too much during their vacation or day-offs and we desire to make their special time as comfortable as possible.


Our travel web programming caters for big well-established enterprises and for smaller companies that have only started to operate. In any case, a general function set of an app for a hotel or a restaurant will include:

  • Catalog with photos (gallery) so that a potential guest can explore the interior of your hotel or café before visiting. This can also include a detailed description. Using innovative visualization techs, our developers and designers can turn this into a wonderful tour around your venue.
  • Advanced search options, allowing clients to choose and compare different options according to their needs.
  • Rating and reviews sections from other users.
  • Integrated billing capabilities. Your guests will value the opportunity to make payments online without using third-party platforms, but it will require additional security measures.
  • Real-time customer support tools using chat-bots and AI-powered technologies.

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Customized Venue App

We understand how difficult it is to make an app for the travelling industry, which people will actually use. Our partners know that the main challenge here is that your clients do not need one more program on their devices. Therefore, you always need to make extra effort to provide your clients with some benefits. Our team will assist you in delivering a personalized experience for every single visitor and enrich the application with technological capabilities like VR and IoT-based add-ins.

Travel Platforms

Webspaceteam crafts custom products for travel companies making the focus on perfect user experience and functionality, which exceeds the customer’s expectations. The general function set of such products will include booking tools, content management, profits management, and integrated map capabilities. Our travel portal development company is ready to implement third-party plug-ins and modules to connect the application with other marketing and support channels your company already utilizes.

Booking Aggregators

Our developers will bring their knowledge to construct an enterprise-grade system for aggregating various options from travel companies and operators. Your clients will have the opportunity to look for plane tickets, compare different accommodations using advanced search options, or explore the map to find the most convenient car rental around their hotel. Using one portal instead of dozens of standalone apps is simple and convenient for the clients while you get the chance to promote the offers via special offers, push notifications, and SMS.

Property And Inventory Management

Every hotel administrator or hotel manager dreams about automating routine tasks and facilitating manual labor with documentation. We craft management systems according to particular tasks of the market allowing you to economize personnel efforts and resources. Optimizing workflow will also result in higher customer satisfaction since you can automate billing and take care of the guests' needs individually.

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Alex Rabens

Founder & CEO, Mickey

The marketplace worked exactly as intended. Webspace distinguished themselves with their structured project management style and seamless integration with the internal team. They quickly learned new technical tools to deliver great results.

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