11 Best Node.js Tools for Developers

Node.js is gaining popularity every day. In this article we want to list tools that can help you work with Node.js. Some of them you probably already know but some of them will be new and super useful for you. We hope that this list will make your life better.

Let’s start with refreshing your memory about some basic information about Node.js. Node.js is a runtime for JavaScript based on V8 Engine. With Node.js you can write JavaScript code for both back-end and front-end. Also, developers prefer Node.js because it’s highly productive and fast. Node.js is an open source technology and because of that it grows and improves very fast. Developers from all over the world make it better every day, and share that with all users.

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#1 Mocha.js

It is one of the test frameworks for Node.js. One of the best features of Mocha.js is an option to test both in console and in the browser. Another huge advantage of this testing framework is that it also works for test-driven development and behavior driven development. You can use Mocha.js really fast, and it suits the unit and integration testing. Modularity of Mocha.js allows use of other libraries, as well.

#2 Chai

Chai is a test-driven development and behavior driven development assertion framework for Node.js. It also can be paired with any testing framework. The main goal of this framework is to help us verify the test results. You have two options to run Chai: in browser or with Node.js.
Chai has a wide choice of standard assertions and even more plugins, that allows developers to use it in all test cases.

#3 Sinon.js

Another one testing framework for JavaScript. The great thing is that Sinon.js can work with any testing framework. Sinon.js supports almost all browsers. On the server side Sinon.js use Node.js. Developers say that Sinon.js is one of the most sophisticated mocking libraries.

#4 Express.js

We have already mentioned this framework earlier in our previous articles. Our team works with Express.js framework for Node.js very often. That minimalist framework allows building software with JavaScript on the server side. Combining Node.js with Express.js you can build and launch the whole website with JavaScript.
Developers like Express.js because of simplicity. It is easy to connect and you don’t need to restart your application each time when you make changes.

#5 WebStrom IDE

Integrated development environment for JavaScript. It is a comprehensive tool that includes everything that programmers need to create software. You can work with the server side the same as with the client side. WebStrom IDE speeds up your work and gives you possibility of tracking, debugging and unity testing.

#6 Passport.js

Passport.js is an authentication framework for Node.js. Passport.js gives you over 300 ways of authenticating, and we think it is really a lot. Also, Passport.js is easy to implement with any Express.js app.
Depending on customers’ needs you can choose authentication methods.

#7 Socket.io

It is a framework for real-time bidirectional communication. That being said, it doesn't matter what device or platform you use, a Socket.io is perfect for anything.
Analytics with counters, logs and graphs are also available in real time.

#8 Webpack

Webpack is a perfect tool for bundling JavaScript files in a browser. One or several bundles can load asynchronously during runtime process. It will help you to save time on the initial loading. Using Webpack with Node.js simplifies deployment and development process.

#9 BlueBird.js

If you need to control asynchronous code that you wrote, the BlueBird library will be your best friend. That library is very useful in case you care about the quality of the code. Also, if you need to separate your code into different files BlueBird.js will solve that problem as well.

#10 Electrode.io

If you are looking for a universal platform for React.js and Node.js applications, then you are on the right path. Electrode.io is what you need. This set of tools has been tested by WalmartLabs on a huge amount of data, so you can be sure that it has best practices, standardized structure and modern technologies.
You can use that platform if you want to explore your docs and components. You also can work with the module tree of Electrode.io and Webpack.

#11 Vue.js

Vue.js is a great alternative for those developers who use Angular.js. Vue.js could be a great solution if you don’t want to create complex application configure routings, controllers and services.
Vue.js is focused on a View Model, so you will get a light version of large frameworks and build your application easier.

by Ragneda
on 23 November 2020

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