Node.js developers: who are they?

In one of the last articles, we talked about Node.js and explained why it is not just a framework. Node.js is a run-time environment for JavaScript language. This tool allows you to run code without a browser directly from the command line.

It was created in 2009 to give an opportunity for developers to create software for back-end and front-end with using only one language. Every year Node.js becomes more and more popular, but usually developers use it for back-end.

As a separate technology, Node has frameworks. We gave an overview of them in our last article “Node.js frameworks”.

And now we want to discuss a new topic: who are Node.js developers? What kind of skills developers must have to work with Node.js? Let’s agree that when you see the word “developer” in this article, you will imagine a person who knows some programming languages and can write code using frameworks. In the real world developers do much more, but for now it’s enough for us to understand who Node.js developers are. What technology skills should Node.js developers have?

On the Internet, if you view a few Node.js tutorials you may think that it’s not that hard and maybe we can call anyone with some JS knowledge a Node.js developer, but that’s not true. Every developer who works with Node.js has to know several important things. Let’s create a small Node.js developer skill set. It also will be useful in case you want to learn that technology too.

  • First key skill for Node.js developers to know JavaScript. JavaScript is a programming language initially created for the Web.
  • Developers have to know all the features, advantages and disadvantages of client-server architecture.
  • Basic knowledge about how to Node.js works and all necessary functions.
  • You need to know development infrastructure to build a project. Modern development with node.js includes dozens of tools, libraries, services, etc. This knowledge simplifies developers' lives and speeds up the process.
  • Expertise in highload systems and apps development.
  • Understanding of work with Node.js frameworks.
  • Also, developers should understand when Node.js can help you in the project or when it’s better to consider some different technology.

Node.js is very popular technology especially now. With help of Node.js, the concept of "JavaScript for everything" is fully implemented.

It is a really great idea to have a possibility to use one programming language for all aspects of work. It can save not only your development time, but also save your money. In case of Node.js you need only one specialist for front-end and back-end work.

As you remember, our software development company uses Node.js a lot, and our developers have more than 5 years of work experience with that technology. So, if you decide to build your project with Node.js, our team will always be glad to help you with that.

All you need is to send us a message.

by Ragneda
on 28 October 2020

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