Best Free React Native UI Kits

If you want to create a beautiful and convenient native application for iOS and Android using React Native, we want you to show some interesting resources where you can find free React Native UI Kits.
By using it, developers can skip a hard part of creating an app from scratch. You can build a beautiful React Native interface by using an extensive set of outstanding UI components that offer free RN UI Kits.
As an additional advantage of using free React Native UI Kits for beginners, you can learn a lot of new design strategies. And it will help you when you build new projects.
In this article we tried to put together a list of the best free React Native UI Kits.
We hope that this list will help you get an idea of how critical it is to save a ton of time and money.

Native Base

At the moment it is the most popular React Native UI Kit on the market. This is where you can find a huge number of free UI components useful in creating a new application.
The principle of work is that it acts as a wrapper for the biggest part of React components: views, buttons, text fields etc, plus it is adding extra functionality such as rounded corners, shadows, etc.
Also, there is a free React Native prototype app named Kitchen Sink. It is a very useful thing that can save a full day of work. It is an open source project and contains basic functionality.

React Native Starter Kit

It's very common to see developers endlessly rewrite the same code for such a popular application function as login and registration.
Open-source project React Native Starter Kit allows you to save your time, because they offer it to developers as a fully functional app-starter where all code is written with React Native. You are free to easily start developing your new project using React Native Starter Kit.
Besides the exquisite UI design, it contains many functions and comes with full Firebase integration out of the box.
What do you get if you download that starter kit: Facebook Login, Firebase Auth, Normal Login and Registration, persistent login credentials, etc.

UI Kitten

UI Kitten has existed for a long time, it appeared at the very beginning of the development with React Native. Now it is not as popular as it used to be, but it is still one of the best free React Native UI kits. This project is mature enough and there is trust in it, as the developers are constantly updating it.
If you want to build the user interface of your new React Native application, you can rely on this UI Kit.
A huge number of beautiful user interface elements are free: buttons, cards, photo viewers, media galleries, switch toggles, enhanced text fields, etc.

React Native Elements

Another one popular React Native Bootstrap library. The most interesting thing about using it is that React Native Elements provides core UI components that are highly reusable and can build more complex interfaces for your applications. The flexibility of design provided by the components are small.

React Native Starter Kit

This starter UI kit is not as popular as all the previous ones on our list. However, we would still like to mention it for those who, for whatever reason, do not want to use other free UI kits. In addition, using these free UI kits, you can create an application that is not like everyone else’s.
It has 500 stars on GitHub, and that starter kit comes with a lot of fully built screens. For example, with an e-commerce product page or contacts page.

by Ragneda
on 21 August 2020

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