7 reasons to use Laravel

Laravel is the open-source PHP framework for advanced backend development. It helps to create wonderful, scalable applications in a short term and provides high reliability. Laravel makes software development a creative, enjoyable and truly fulfilling experience and includes a lot out of the box solutions. It reuses the existing components of different frameworks. That helps you to ease your routine tasks, used in most web projects such as routing, authentication, sessions, and caching. Apart from being accessible, it also provides powerful tools needed for massive, robust applications for custom software development services.

Here are 7 key features that make Laravel such an amazing framework to use:

1. Development speed

Today, every business is looking for the most rapid implementation of new technologies to stay afloat and successfully compete in IT market. Using Laravel will help you to significantly speed up the production process by using the best practices and reusing ready-made software solutions.

Now you don't have lunch breaks at home, you have to create your personal routine and be rigid about it. For example: get up, get ready, make breakfast, and start. And don't forget break times scheduled in advance. The best way of the routine organization will stick to the same schedule as it was in the office.

2. Increased productivity. Caching

Another good reason to choose Laravel is an excellent web application performance. This is achieved through many tools that increase the speed of web pages generating.

Basically, these are caching tools. By default, file system level caching is enabled, but you can change this behavior and use more powerful tools like non-SQL databases such as REDIS, Memcache or APC. These databases are famous for storing data in the form of key-value pairs and do this in the server’s RAM. Due to this, the data access time is sharply reduced and it lets developers to cache entire pages, or parts of them, as well as arrays of objects - the results of database queries, thereby reducing their number and speeding page loading. In this case, the main thing for the developer is to invalidate the cache and delete obsolete data in time when they change.

3. Mail and Notifications

Laravel provides a clean and simple API on top of the popular SwiftMailer library with drivers for SMTP, Mailgun, SparkPost, Amazon SES to send mail through local or cloud services. Moreover, Laravel provides support for sending notifications through many other delivery channels, including SMS and Slack.

4. Database Migration

This technology helps the programmer easily and conveniently deploy finished database structure without direct interaction with the database management system, that means: you don’t need to drag database dumps.

5. MVC architecture

Thanks to following the MVC architecture, a clear separation is achieved between 3 abstract layers of the application:

  • model
  • view
  • controller

They become independent from each other and can be used separately.

6. Deferred task system

Laravel has a queuing system for long-running processes. Also an API for many different backends for managing these queues. This allows you to postpone the execution of processes that take a long time, so as not to slow down the delivery of pages to the user. For example, delayed sending of letters to users.

7. Friendly code

When developing libraries for distribution and reuse, all developers strive to write code in such a way that it not only works as it should but understandable to other developers. Therefore, working with the framework brings not only material but also moral dividends.

by Yuriy
on 12 April 2020

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