9 Mobile Applications Built With React Native

One of the most popular platforms for mobile applications development today is React Native. Especially in comparison with other frameworks that allow cross-platform capabilities such as Ionic or Flutter. You can check a comparison of React Native, Ionic and Flutter.

The success of React Native due to ability to set off and support cross-platform applications with a single code base and fast development time and because of components that are ready to use. Also, the framework has a very fast and user-friendly layout.

This popularity has enabled React Native to become a framework for the development of several very well-known applications that have already become a part of our daily lives.

1. Facebook

Maybe for someone it will be a surprise, but the developers of Facebook were the one of the creators of React Native, as well as its “elder brother” React. Facebook is a social network application that connects people all over the world by the means of posting information and pictures in users' profiles. You can send messages to each other using a companion application Facebook Messenger, which was created with React Native too.

2. Instagram

Another very popular social network , Instagram, was created with React Native. It is a child of Facebook, but communication between people takes place through the publication of photos and videos. Users can choose other users to follow, “like” photos/ videos and send messages to the Direct of Instagram. Originally it was created in 2010 with a different framework, but later the application experienced a difficult transition into React Native.

3. Pinterest

A social media service, photo hosting, allowing users to add images online, put them in thematic collections and share them with other users. Images can be “pinned” to collections called “boards”. Pinterest is another example of a development with the React Native framework. Btw, users can find that service not only in App Store or Play Store, Pinterest also has a website.

4. Skype

This software serves numerous people around the world as means of communication. With Skype millions of people and companies can make individual and group voice and free video calls, as well as send instant messages and files to other Skype users. You can use it on any device convenient for you: on a mobile phone, computer or tablet. Skype is free to download, easy to use and created with React Native, of course.

5. SoundCloud Pulse

First of all, you need a SoundCloud account to access SoundCloud Pulse. SoundCloud Pulse is aimed at musicians and creators. The application allows them to upload soundtracks, track statistics of their listening and downloads, reply to comments on your tracks. In addition, you can edit audio files directly in it, which will be useful to people who record podcasts directly on a smartphone or tablet.

6. Walmart

One of the largest retail corporations in the world also didn’t stand aside. Walmart is staying on track in the tech world and adapts to fashion trends which applies to the field of application development as well. Therefore,they created an application on the React Native platform for their company.

7. Uber Eats

This is an American online food ordering and delivery service launched by Uber. This application was created back in 2014, but is still very popular. This service is available in many countries of the world on both iOS and Android platforms.

8. Airbnb

An online resource that helps individuals around the world to rent b&b places. Millions of owners to rent out and guests to book unique accommodations around the world with free Airbnb accounts. Normally, renting your home on Airbnb is not only a way to make money for the owners, but also the opportunity to interact with people of various cultures.

9. Tesla Inc.

Last but not the least company on our list is Tesla - American company, manufacturer of electric vehicles and solutions for storing electric energy. Those guys created a mobile application using React Native too. And it was a really great decision.

React Native is a very popular framework in JavaScript with a fantastic community. We think the main reason why it is so popular among companies and developers is the ability to be universal for two platforms: iOS and Android.

Webspaseteam as React Native Development Company have considered React Native our favorite framework of development as well, as we worked and will be working with it for a long time.

If you have an idea of an application, but you don’t know how to make it real, our team will be glad to make your idea come true with React Native! =)

by Ragneda
on 3 March 2020

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