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What is Node.js?

One of the technologies that our company uses for projects is Node.js. In this article we want to go deeper into Node.js and explain to you why it is not a framework. If you google infor


The difference between generic software development and custom software development

When you start a new business one of the primary tasks is to make it successful and in demand. The best way to do it is to build a website which can show everyone your product or services


How to develop an app like Uber

Imagine that today is the day when you finally have decided to create a taxi booking application for your business. You have to think well before you start. Are you ready to work hard? La


Custom Software Development FAQ

Since the day when our company was founded we have been improving our skills and trying to find novel ways of work with clients to make them happy. The primary goal for us is the high qu


Story points: what it’s all about?

One of the most important aspects of the SCRUM is the so-called Story Points. This thing is oftenly combined with SCRUM-oriented team working flow. As an example of realization we can tak


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