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Since the day when our company was founded we have been improving our skills and trying to find novel ways of work with clients to make them happy. The primary goal for us is the high quality of projects for every client.
But day by day we faced the same frequently asked questions. We already answered some of them in our previous articles, but sometimes our new clients may have more questions. In this article, we will try to address this issue and give more answers to FAQs.

Why is custom software at such a large cost?

Custom web app development is an undertaking that requires time. It takes time to understand the company's processes, collect specifications, meet the needs and develop the program.
While this is a major investment, you will possess the code by investing in personalized software, rather than having a long-term licensing deal with another software company. Here, you pay for both: quality work and the rights to own your code.

What benefits will my business get from custom software?

A custom business software application improves operation performance by automating operations. By accurately automating enterprise operations, custom software reduces the time and energy of the key processes.
The fundamental idea is: if you use existing software, you will have to change your business for this software. This could cause your business to lose time and money. When you develop software for your business, you don't have to change anything and your business will work even better.
Software for your business, instead of business for a software.

How do you manage our project?

Two types of methodologies are widely used by custom software developers: Agile and Waterfall. At Webspaceteam we prefer to manage our projects by integrating each of them with our own approach and concentrating on the practice rather than theory.
To know more about the methodologies we use, you can read our previous articles:
"What is Scrum and how it works - software development HOWTOs"
"Waterfall model - software development HOWTOs".

What does a standard contract look like?

When you develop a custom web application, you can choose from different contracts. A flexible developer tries to match the specific project character with the contract, but the developer responsible informs you that the burden should be shared fairly by both parties in the contract.

How can I check what’s going on with the project?

We keep you in the loop every week about how things are going on and what is real progress in comparison with the project plan. Good practise to have a demo every 2-4 weeks.

If you still have some questions, we are always glad to answer. All you need to do is to text us! =)

by Ragneda
on 17 September 2020

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