AR-greeting card

On this Christmas eve, we’d like to share our exclusive idea of small gifts that we've sent to our Clients with you. Specially for each and every one of them our web development team created AR-logo of their companies.

What does it mean in practice?

AR or Augmented Reality lets us see a real-life digital embodiment . It means that by using just a smartphone or a tablet you can see a dinosaur on the street or an exotic tropical butterfly right on your hand. It all depends on the developer’s imagination or customer’s willingness.

So our customers had the possibility to see the logo of their companies at any place around with their own eyes by just using a smartphone and special monochrome chip. The mention chips we have sent by mail.

How does it work?

Before opening a company’s AR-logo, all of our customers get a monochrome chip with a QR-code. The QR-code provides information with the link to virtual logo on the Internet. All you need is to open a camera app on your device and focus it on the QR-code of a monochrome chip. Then your browser asks you to open a link on your phone which you need to accept. After that on the screen of your device, our customers see the AR-logo described above circling over the chip accompanied with Christmas music and falling snowflakes.

We do believe this to be a great and unusual way of congratulating and deep down even hoping it will become a new creative type of greeting card some day.Everyone can create something unique and beautiful and sent it for friends or family.

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