Top 10 Resources For React Native Developers to be ahead of the game

What is the first thing you think about when going to build a mobile app? Programming, isn’t it? But there is a huge amount of programming tools out there. Which one is the right framework? How do you plan to use it? How are you going to upsell your app? And how are you going to make sure that your app exceeds all other apps in the market?

The answer is pretty simple: by using one of the most solid mobile application development technology available in the market today, which is React Native.

In this article, we’ve decided to provide a list of the most useful resources for those who are interested in learning React Native Development and following the leaders of the industry.

1. Facebook’s React Native Github Blog

The history of React Native is really engrossing: what started as Facebook’s internal hackathon project, in the summer of 2013, has then become one of the most popular frameworks. So it’s not an unexpectedness that Facebook is a perfect resource for React Native documentation.

2. React Native Training on Medium

Tutorials and courses, insights and tips and tricks to boost your React Native skills, created by a community of developers from around the world.

3. ReactDOM

The resource contains reviews of the best React Native tutorials, React Native courses, and React Native books. You can spend more time learning instead of researching how to learn.

4. Parsed

A blog focused on React Native where you can find a lot of useful articles to enhance your skills. Besides, they also have a private Slack Channel for React Native nerds only, just reach out for an invite.

5. Github

Since we’ve referred to Slack, here is a long list of Slack Channels for local communities by region.

6. Reactiflux

One more huge and popular chat community of 80,000+ React Developers providing responses and support if you need a piece of advice.

7. @reactnative

The official React Native Twitter account keeping subscribers up to date.

And 3 more resources for those who love listening more than reading.

8. React Native Radio

The founder of - Charles Max Wood - has the intention to help developers with a better understanding of technologies, tools, and processes used in their day-to-day work. The podcasts regarding React Native published on provide a good mix of technical reviews of the various React Native features, industry reports and framework’s libraries. New episodes appear typically four times a month, so you can be sure that these podcasts will provide you with an invariable stream of knowledge.

9. Software Engineering Daily

Software Engineering Daily is a podcast about (surprise!) software engineering. But it often hits the React Native theme as well and takes place systematically 5 times a week. If you are a React Native developer you should listen to these podcasts regularly.

10. React Podcast

What you can find here in podcasts recorded by React Podcast - is a concentration of conversations, thoughts, and news about React Native. The creators of the channel are Michael Chan and Michael Jackson (it’s not about music:). They both have wide experience in the development, which means that the materials published on React Podcast are highly substantive. In spite of the fact that the channel is relatively new, it already contains a dozen very interesting and useful podcasts.

True React Native Developers never stop learning. Every month a new programming language appears. Every week our favorite languages get updated. Keeping up to date with programming technologies has never been more necessary. Having a computer science diploma is not sufficient anymore. But cheer up, the future of programming is full of surprises and exciting innovations. Never ever stop learning — you won’t regret it!

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