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Some time ago we’ve acquainted you with several models and different ways of working with a remote team. Today we want to discuss some models of software development which can use your team till working with the project.

In IT world teams have a lot of models of software development, but one of the first Process Models to be introduced is a Waterfall Model. It is easy to understand and very easy to use, regardless of whether we're talking about web development or mobile development. In a waterfall model, each phase of work must be completed before the next phase can begin. And the important thing is that the phases are not overlapping. Waterfall Model means that any phase in the development process begins only if the previous phase is complete.

Design of Waterfall Model

Waterfall Model was the first SDLC (Software development lifecycle) approach to be used widely in Software Engineering to guarantee success of the project. In the waterfall method, the whole process of software development is separated into phases. In this waterfall model, as a rule, the result of one phase acts as the input for the next phase sequentially.

To understand the model better let’s see the figure below:

All these phases are cascaded to each other in which development is seen as progressing steadily downwards (like a waterfall) through the phases. The next phase is begun only after the defined set of goals are done for the previous phase and it is signed off, that is the reason the name "Waterfall Model".

Every software developed is different and requires a suitable approach to be followed based on different factors. In our opinion, the Waterfall method is the most relevant option if the following about your project is true:

  • All requirements are well documented, very clear and fixed
  • Product description is solid
  • Technology is known and stable
  • There are no vague requirements
  • The project is small

Advantages(A) and Disadvantages(D) of Waterfall Model:

A: Each phase must be finished, before the next phase of development

D: All errors can be fixed only during the phase

A: Development team should perform quality assurance test before completing each stage

D: Testing time comes pretty late in the developmental process

A: Project is fully dependent on development team with minimum client intervention

D: Clients valuable feedback cannot be added with ongoing development work

A: Considered documentation is done at every phase of the software's development cycle

D: Documentation takes a lot of time of developers and testers

As you see, the Waterfall Model of software development can suit a lot of types of projects, but it is not perfect for all. That is why, if you are not sure about that SDLC model is good for you, our team provides IT consulting services for all our clients. Webspaceteam always finds the best way of development to create your project.

by Ragneda
on 25 March 2020

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