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9 Mobile Applications Built With React Native

One of the most popular platforms for mobile applications development today is React Native. Especially in comparison with other frameworks that allow cross-platform capabilities such as


Top 10 Resources For React Native Developers to be ahead of the game

What is the first thing you think about when going to build a mobile app? Programming, isn’t it? But there is a huge amount of programming tools out there. Which one is the right framewor


Tips How to Work With a Remote Software Development Team

One of the main parts of every working process is to interact with people around us. It is always great to have any of your team members right next to you: you can promptly resolve any is


How to publish Electron application to Mac App Store

In this article I'll try to provide a step-by-step guide describing publishing of MacOS Electron.JS application to Mac App Store highlighting all tricky moments.

First of all, eve


Cross platform mobile development: Ionic, React Native or Flutter?

Development of hybrid mobile applications becomes more and more popular nowadays. That has happened because of two main reasons. First of all, this type of software development services i


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