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Are you looking for a multi-functional, flexible, and powerful ecommerce web service? Webspaceteam offers you Shopify web service platform and 7+ years of expertise in web app development for various industries and markets.

Shopify is a multi-functional platform, which provides business owners with services to construct and launch a personalized online store with flexible capabilities and powerful functionality for easy maintenance. A web store based on Shopify service platform does not require extensive programming or artist skills, provides businesses with an impressive function set, and has a great collection of customizable templates suitable for any industry or niche. With Shopify app custom development from Webspaceteam, you will be able to craft and deploy a website tailored to your particular business needs in the short term.

While working with apps and systems based on Shopify, you will not have to worry about hosting or anything else. The Shopify service platform delivers all the instruments necessary for running web ecommerce products. Currently, Shopify technology provides services to more than a million websites across the Internet. But with the great capabilities of these services come many challenges to fine-tune and adjust solutions and apps to the specific business standards the demands and expectations of your audience. Often it may be reasonable to entrust this task to a professional Shopify development company. At Webspaceteam, we offer our services to make sure that your web store is SEO optimized, has important integrations and build-in plug-ins, has a high level of security, and meets the business standards in the sector.

Exploring the benefits of Shopify website development with Webspaceteam

Easy configuration

Due to Shopify service platform leveraging, you will not have to utilize third-party services to make the first sale in your store. Shopify itself delivers all the instruments. This includes hosting, comprehensible domain connection, and payment method integration. But this also may become a problem, since an inexperienced user will probably have a tough time diving into the specifics of each app setup. But this is where our Shopify app development company comes to help.


A web store based on Shopify service platform is guaranteed to have great conversion rates and deliver a good user experience. Unlike other web services, Shopify offers a potent custom toolset for app search optimization and gives access to extended analytics data. With Shopify services on board, you will obtain extensive information on who made the purchase and all the details about it.

No-hassle management

Admin custom panel interface of Shopify service platform is maximum intuitive and user-friendly. Business users will not need any special training to keep track of the catalog, manage items, and implement minor changes.

Always up-to-date

Shopify is persistently updating its server software, ensuring that your web store stays online 24/7. This also contributes to the high level of security and fast page loads.


In the market of off-the-shelf apps and solutions, it is very difficult to find a company or an agency that is totally adaptable to any platform and delivers a perfect unification of UX for everyone. With our Shopify app development agency, you may be sure that all the customers will like the amazing custom content of your page.

Tailored to promotion

Websites based on Shopify service platform are much easier to promote on the Internet because they deliver simple and stable integrations with social networks and third-party solutions and apps, and ensure the creation of custom marketing campaigns there.

Deliveries without headache

Many web store owners are worried about how the item is going to be shipped to the customer. With solutions based on Shopify service platform, this is not something you should worry about. Shopify service platform takes care of the shipment allowing you to choose from several options.

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Outstanding Shopify website development services from Webspaceteam

Our Shopify web development agency concentrates on making your product stand out from the crowd. For that purpose, our company's specialists use the best optimization techniques, the latest trends in custom software and app development, and proven issue-solving methods to make your business and services scalable. Once your custom page achieves high-performance rates, your business can move forward to presenting new products and services.

Customized Development

At Webspaceteam, we believe that healthy competition is a source of growth for any business. This is why our company provides its custom services with deep diving into your niche and gathering analytics on the closest competitors. Our designers focus on development of the unique path for a customer from the first visit to the purchase. Although Shopify itself provides appealing off-the-shelf templates, with a bit of coding you turn them into a unique custom project. This, of course, will require additional investment in development. But with our Shopify development company, you are guaranteed to stand out among the competitors. At each stage of development of Shopify services, our agency uses the most advanced marketing trends to ensure great conversion rates and deep interaction with the customers.


Shopify ensures that you have an extensive custom instrument set for the development of the unique vision at the very beginning. But with our company's experienced and highly-trained development team, you can obtain adaptive and user-friendly app design, which will allow you to translate your brand ethics, engage with the visitors, and create a strong and devoted community around the business. We focus not only on updating the existing app theme but also on development of a personalized custom one from scratch. Make sure to get the most out of conversion rates, boost revenues, and get loyal customers with us.


One of the key features, which makes Shopify so attractive to small and medium business (SMB) owners, is the abundance of integrations and add-ons. This factor is enhanced by an extensive community and learning base that allows you to integrate third-party apps and solutions to process payments, shipments, inventory, etc. Our Shopify development company makes sure that these apps operate frictionlessly. In addition, our agency analyzes the market and identifies the most logical options for your particular problems. Our Shopify development team also carries out projects on programming a new plug-in from scratch, customized premade integrations, and builds completely new Shopify apps specifically for your business. Thus, you can be sure your web store work is stable and secure.


Although Shopify remains the most thoughtful solution on the market and continues to conquer new markets, there are websites, apps, and systems that provide similar functionality. Our Shopify web development company provides trustworthy migration from other services to your Shopify service platform. Our agency concentrates on minimizing friction and disruption of your services. We will make sure that the content of your web store stays untouched, letting you enjoy the multifunctional capabilities of Shopify website.

Maintenance and Support

At Webspaceteam, we know that launching the e-store based on Shopify website is only just beginning. If your company requires our agency's services and assistance with content management of your web page, development and implementation of minor adjustments, or introduction of new custom features we will get you covered.


You already have a product based on Shopify website but are not satisfied with how it works? Our company's web development engineers know that slow, unfriendly websites and apps frustrate the users and may alienate them forever. By using Shopify website solution, you keep your audience loyal and constantly improve the quality of your services by presenting the best technological features.


How much does the Shopify website platform charge a month?

Shopify website platform has monthly payments, which differ according to the plan you have chosen. For startups, small and medium businesses, a basic Shopify website plan will be enough. Bigger companies may want to migrate to a more advanced Shopify website plan, up to 299 dollars a month.

What is the development time for a website based on Shopify?

The development of a website based on Shopify platform highly depends on the complexity of the project, the level of customization you expect, and the number of integrations the business strategy will demand.

How is Shopify Plus different from the basic version?

Shopify Plus version caters mostly to big, well-established companies, allowing them to process a bigger number of payments, and work with a bigger team.

We use the following tech stack for the Shopify front end development but are not limited to them.


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Cloud Firestore


Digital Ocean

















What our happy clients say

Dyson Robinson

Founder & CEO, Snypur


Webspace completed the platform successfully. It has had a tremendous impact within 90 days of its implementation and has enabled its users to scale their business significantly. The team is knowledgeable, courteous, and delivers a top-notch product.

Diana Yanchik

Principal, igen Learning


We wanted to create a multi-functional parent and student portal, design a modern and user-friendly website and mobile app, develop our branding, and create marketing materials. The attractive marketing materials doubled conversion rates, and the polished web portal impressed potential clients.

Sam Li

CTO, Zinc Platform


Webspace rapidly delivered an attractive website that aligned with the scope. They programmed reusable, error-free code. Flexible and receptive to feedback, they enthusiastically incorporated any requested changes. Communication and work ethic are two of the team’s strongest suits.

Glenn Ellul

Director, Creative Agency


The website looked fantastic, brought in plenty of leads and traffic, and bolstered the brand's public image. Webspace accommodated scope changes while giving solid advice and answering questions promptly. The team was knowledgeable, responsible, and transparent.

Roope Marttila

CTO, lawbot | USA


The team at Webspace did a great job and went the extra mile, both with the design and the coding! We’re very pleased with everything and would be happy to recommend them to people we know! Communication was excellent despite being in different time zones. They must love what they do, and it shows.

Canybec Sulayman

CEO, Trimed Agency


They have been doing this for a while, so it was a no brainer to go with them. The website functions as intended and looks to be a key asset for the client’s two-year digital strategy to gain investments.

Richardt Deleuran

CEO, TeamWork Family


Although they were initially meant to follow a provided design, Webspace demonstrated exceptional design skills and ultimately led the project themselves. They managed the project well, advising on different ways to save money and time. Customers can expect a professional approach.

Alex Rabens

Managing member, Mickey


The marketplace worked exactly as intended. Webspace distinguished themselves with their structured project management style and seamless integration with the internal team. They quickly learned new technical tools to deliver great results.

Features of Shopify website custom development from Webspaceteam

  • Robust components architecture. Our Shopify development company concentrates its services on maximizing user experience for your customers. Our agency's website designers will create transparent and comprehensive custom paths, ensuring that the visitors explore all the website content and don’t have trouble interacting with the web product.
  • SEO-optimized. Our agency's services embrace development and implementation of SEO modules and analytics systems necessary for successful promotion through web search engines.
  • Design that converts. Our company's development team delivers individualized custom Shopify solutions, which will engage with the visitors, appeal to new audiences, and stimulate them to make a purchase.
  • Adaptive design. Our Shopify development agency makes sure that your customers can have a great time using the web resource even on mobile devices. This increases UX and lets it fit the requirements of the web search engines.

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